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Because of My Podcast spotlights the achievements people are achieving. Things that only happened because they started a podcast.
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Aug 19, 2016

Henry Jasper one a one year subscription to the School of Podcasting. That lead him to start the Voices That  Carry Podcast. That lead to him getting multiple customers doing social media for them. 

Aug 12, 2016
I was listening to Kevin Smith's Keynote address at Podcast Movement 2016 and he shared the story about how his friend Bryan Johnson was ready to kill himself. Kevin told him to start a podcast, and even though he didn't really want to he did. It gave him purpose. That podcasttellem-dave-steve made Bryan feel great as he got feedback from his audience. This podcast later turned into the TV Show Comic Book Men. Another story Kevin related was of his friend Jason Mewes who Kevin had cut out of his life due to him being addicted to Heroin. Kevin talked Jason into doing a podcast called "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" and the first few episodes Jason shared about his addiction and the podcast was focused on keeping him sober. So today "Because of my podcast I didn't kill myself and I got a TV show. Ready to start a podcast? go to
Aug 4, 2016

Today we follow the story of Troy Heinrtiz who has been able to

1. Meet Actors of his favorite TV shows

2. Meet the Writers of his favorite TV show

3. Got a tour of his favorite TV shows

4. Got to interview and hangout with the creator of his favorite TV show

5. Is being flown to LA to host a TV episodes about his favorite show.


Check out Try Heinritz at

Jul 28, 2016

Adam from shares how because of his podcast he is now speaking with NBA stars of the Michael Jordan era like Christian Latner who was also on the USA dream team. 

Jul 15, 2016
Chancellor UniversityFrom time to time I'm going to sneak in my own stories. So this one goes back years ago when I first was getting into education. I had a job interview with Chancellor University and when they saw I understood how to podcast that really peaked their interest and I got the job. The bad news is the school was in pretty bad shape and they kept restructuring. At one point they wanted to use me as a telemarketer (for admissions), and I bowed out of the company. Originally I wanted to make a podcast for students, but that never happened.
Jul 7, 2016
jason-hartman350 Jason Hartman is a very successful businessman. In the past he spent money on radio time slots, and now that money is spent on his podcast. He is educating his future customers which is making it easier to increase sales. As Jason put it, "Looking at how we do it now, I don't know how we did it the old way." Jason can attribute 10 million dollars in gross sales directly to his podcast. Check him out at
Jul 1, 2016
maxresdefaultDan from the 4X4 Podcast explains how he got to live a dream and participate in the Baja 1000. He got to help Hero Off road and got involved to help veterans. When it came time to sponsor a veteran, Dan was selected. So he got to go from New York to San Diego down to Mexico and participate and ride in the Baja 1000.
Jun 22, 2016

Daniel Herrick loves formula 1 racing, and he loves his brothers. Over the years life had happened so they didn't have the opportunity to get together and talk like they did when they lied under the same roof. Now they all love Formula 1 racing, so they decided to get together and create a podcast. So while podcasting is often seen as a business tool, it can be used to boost family relationships in addition to business relationships. 

Their show is the Five Lights Formula 1 Podcast.

Next week we hear from another Dan as we hear about his dream of being in the Baha 1000. 

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Jun 15, 2016

Bill Hutchison has a situation that eliminates him ability to leave his house for more than a couple of hours at a time. Yet, he has a message that he wants to spread across the world. 

Today Bill shares how podcasting has bridged the gap to countries he can never visit. 

Find bill at

Start your podcast at

Jun 8, 2016

Michael Butler is the original music podcaster. You can find him at 

Michael was really in a touch spot when his computer just died. Luckily Michael has an engaged audience and a forum. He let his audience know that there wouldn't be a podcast for a bit because his computer had died. 

One of his listeners works in IT for a School, and he was able to get a computer for Michael Free of Charge (or almost free). 

You never know who is listening, and your community will come to support you because you've delivered value to them.

Next week we will hear from Bill Hutchison who wants to reach the world, but due to circumstances can't leave the house.

Jun 1, 2016

This podcast was recorded partly at Podcast Movement a few years ago (2014?).

A few years ago Major League Baseball shut down a bunch of podcasts who were using logos illegally, using the name of the teams illegally, but one of them was NOT Corey Fineran. He had named his show Ivy Envy. It was a show about the Chicago cubs. Then one day he got a direct tweet from the official Chicago Cubs team. He thought the team was coming down to shut down his podcast.

So Corey called the front office, and they mentioned that hey had heard his podcast, and read his blog where he had criticized a certain contest the Cubs were running. The Cubs representative explained how it wasn't' a Cubs rule, but one from the Major League baseball. But because of Corey of the Ivy Envy podcast, the Cubs lawyers had taken Corey's points and gone to Major League Baseball, and in turn they changed the rules. 

Your podcast can put you into a position of influence. You never know who is listening to your show. It just might be the head of a baseball team. 

Check out Ivy Envy at

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May 25, 2016
Click to Download Dave Jackson Director of PodcastingWelcome the the first episode of Because of My Podcast. Its a podcast where people finish the sentence, because of my podcast_____. Today you're going to hear my story. I had been podcasting for 10 years. My background is in training, and I've been helping people understand technology and software for over 20 years. The current director of podcasting for the New Media Expo had stepped down and they needed a new one.  Behind the scenes, the man (Rick Calvert) that ran the New Media Expo approached Libsyn. Libsyn is a podcast media hosting and their VP of Podcast Relations knows everybody in the space. So when Rick asked Rob who he thought might be a good fit, Rob answered, "What do you think about Dave Jackson." Rick then went to Blubrry and spoke to their CEO and asked him for some names. Todd answered, "What do you think about Dave Jackson?". Rick then went to Spreaker and spoke with Rob Greenlee. What did Rob say? You guessed it, "What do you think about Dave Jackson?' How did these podcasting companies know me? Because they all listened to my podcast. The podcast positioned me as an expert. It allowed me to show I was competent, and it also allowed me to interview all of them in the past and start building a relationship. So why start a podcast? Be seen as an expert Establish relationships

Next Episode

Corey Fineran from the Ivy Envy Podcast thought his podcast was being shut down, but it turned out to be something completely different.

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